Difference between NPR and Aadhar Card


What is NPR and what is Aadhar Card? I have registered with Aadhar Card, do I need to register for NPR card also? I know may such questions would be floating in your minds. I will try to answer some of them here. NPR stands for National Population Register and will be created on the same lines as Aadhar card.

Difference between Aadhar Card and NPR

According to reports registration with NPR card will be mandatory, however Aadhar card registration is voluntary and one have the option to skip it. However you should not let it pass as it will act as the base on which NPR card can be created very easily. Aadhar card will help you in lot of stages like getting various benefits directly into your bank account. So don’t miss a chance to register yourself with Aadhar Scheme.

NPR card is initially restricted to coastal areas only. However there are few discussions to take it to further level and expand it along entire country. NPR card will be a 64 Kb chip that will cover all basic information about the card holder. On the other side, Aadhar card will have be a simple number that will give you unique identity. NPR card can be considered as the online database of the details that a normal Aadhar card contains.

NPR scheme is launched under Citizenship Act whereas Aadhar card is backed by no such act/scheme. Collection of biometrics is not covered under Citizenship Act.

UIDAI is the organization that is responsible to cover every individual with Aadhar Card scheme. However NPR is backed by RGU and it is their duty to enroll citizens under NPR scheme. Under NPR scheme, door to door campaigning will be done and people will fell it easy to get enrolled (as all the records will be taken directly from the home) whereas to register yourself with Aadhar, you need to visit nearest temporary or permanent enrollment center.

NPR has the power of recognizing you with electronic gadgets whereas Aadhar Card can do the same by using your unique identification number but it won’t be feasible with electronic machines. If you have already submitted your biometric details with Aadhar Card then you don't need to repeat same with NPR card process.

These are the few differences that I can see between NPR and Aadhar Card. Although both cards are important (Addahar more crucial) but according to me NPR cad can help Government in better ways when it comes about schemes/plans like Digital India that will try to bring all the citizens on digital platform.

Please share additional information if you have any about differences between NPR and Aadhar Card.


  1. In maximum cases discrepancies are noticed in ADHAR cards due to DATA ENTRY optrs as well as the teachers who were collected and entered the data in registers. The cards having wrong entries in name, fathers name, Date of Birth etc. are hold by the individuals are worthless to them. In this conditions what can the effected persons are do!

  2. On the UIDAI website there is are options to update / rectify the information.

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