How to fill NPR Form in English


Trying to fill National Population Register (NPR) Form but getting stuck somewhere? If so then you can anytime ask us by either using our contact form or you can directly download the form filling instruction manual from official NPR (National Population Register) website. Here I will be guiding you with the procedure that will teach you to fill NPR form in English. I have covered NPR Form Filling Instruction Guide in Hindi also. Just have a look if it is applicable to you.

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NPR Form Filling Manual in English

We have already shared a demo of what PR form looks like and what details you will need to fill in there. You can check details from here.
We have also uploaded images of demo NPR form that you will get at NPR PEC (Permanent Enrollment Centre) or temporary camps.

Here are few points that you will have to take care while filling the NPR form (although the associated person at PEC is responsible for managing all these things but it will be good to know yourself all these crucial points).

• Please use blue or black ball point pen for filling the NPR form
• Try to write at center of the boxes without touching the side boundaries (side walls of the box)
• You are allowed to enter Arabic Numerals only (please ask me if you need clarification)
• Double ensure your name’s spelling and date of birth as they are among the most crucial and important details in the entire form
• Please do not fold the NPR form
• You are not allowed to overwrite anything in NPR form. If you have made some mistake then strike it out once and write the fresh one again (you can use next line in that particular column)
• Officials have added some visual elements/legends in the entire form. Each sign have different meaning and complete detail is shown in below image:

There are 14 columns in total that you need to fill as part of NPR form. All the columns are very basic and you should be able to fill them without any hassle. But in case you are confused with anything in the form then please do contact the PEC person rather than filling the wrong information.

Below are the 14 columns that you need to fill in NPR form:

You may be asked to enter other details like acknowledgment slip, working sheet and enumerator abstract. Please get in touch with PEC coordinator to understand these things.

NPR Form Filling instructions in English

Instructions are available on official NPR website. You can download the instructions from here. It is 2-3 MB file only.

Do let me know if you need clarification on any part.

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