How to fill NPR Form in Hindi


NPT Form is available in 16 languages. We have already covered topics like how to fill NPR form online and how to fill it in English. Today we will teach you to fill the NPR Form online in Hindi. It will be helpful for all the applicants who want to fill NPR form with Hindi as their preferred language for one or more reasons. Let me clear one thing in the very beginning, first I thought to cover this article in Hindi only but later I decided to continue the same flow like other blog posts and write it in English as well. So if you are facing any issues with any of the step r are not getting anything then please ask me by commenting below.

Fill NPR Form in Hindi

You can download the NPR Hindi form from here. It is merely a 800 KB PDF document that contains the sample NPR form written in Hindi language. It will give you a clear picture of what all you need to fill during the actual scenario (either at the NPR Permanent Enrollment Centre (PEC) or in some camp). This form will look like one shown in below image:

Same like the English form it will too have 14 columns to fill. There will be some additional columns wherein you will be required to put some important details like your geography, certifications etc.

Please use all the updated and correct details for all the columns there in NPR form. Although there is the option to update your records anytime but just to be on the safe side kindly keep in mind to use correct details only. All the persons at PEC are well trained to guide you with the entire form filling procedure so don’t hesitate in asking them rather than filling in the wrong details.

Please check all the details/columns in sample form and be ready with the respective proofs. It will be better to approach the PEC with correct set of proofs. We would love to hear doubts back from your side.

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