NPR Form in Assamese and Bengali Language


If you belong to Assam or West Bengal then you will have to go through the process of NPR card. Here you will get information related to what NPR form looks like Bengalis and Assamese language, I mean the structure and demo of NPR form in above mentioned language.

Let me clear one thing in beginning, I am not an expert in any of the language but with this article I only want you to see the form structure that can help you with getting your documents, details ready for getting the NPR card.

I have covered detailed tutorial about NPR form in English and Hindi (where I am confortable). I will suggest you to check these tutorials as you will have to put common information I all the forms.

NPR Form in Assamese

You can download the Assamese version of NPR form from here. I will suggest you to download it either on smartphone or desktop (includes laptops as well). It will look like one shown below:

Same on the lines of Hindi and English forms, it will contain two phases with 14 columns. So in total you need to fill 14 columns (basic information about you). You can check all the columns from above image and can prepare your documents accordingly. You will basically need them to prove your identity, address details to the NPR reviewer.

NPR Form in Bengali

Bengali version of NPR form will look something like below:

As said above it will also have two phases with 14 columns. You can yourself check the details that you need to fill in.

You can enroll yourself with NPR either by visiting the permanent enrollment centers (PEC) or in Government organized camps (Govt will organize 2 camps in each local area to get the locals registered with NPR scheme). In case you have missed both the events, you can register for the same by visiting PEC nearest to your address.


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    1111/81328/38924 04042014111833

  2. My name is bijay Cherri my date of birth is 16th Aug 1980 request my npr no

  3. My name is bijay Cherri my date of birth is 16th Aug 1980 request my npr no

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  5. Is it true that the issue of NPR card have bee carried out by win technology ?