NPR Form in Gujarati and Punjabi


NPR Form is available in Gujarati and Punjabi languages also. Till now we have seen various NPR form versions (on basis of language) that included NR schedule in English, Hindi, Bengali and Assamese. Today we will see the same variant on other two languages Punjabi and Assamese. Coming to the details then it too will have same number of columns where applicants need to fill in same details (As with any other language).

Main motive of publishing NPR form in various languages is to ensure maximum compliance and understanding to people of different origin who knows different-different languages. NPR team has published NPR form in all possible languages (that are required in NPR states) so that each and every individual can be covered under NPR Scheme.

NPR Form in Gujarati

Gujarat- a state from where our current PM Narendra Modi comes from. NPR Form in Gujarati looks like below image:

It is drafted on the similar lines as any of the other available languages. There will be usual 2 phases with 14 columns (you will have to fill in some additional details as well).

Details that you need to fill will be basic and will include things like your name, address, education etc. Please ensure to visit the camp/PEC with some proofs for address verification. Voter ID Card, Ration card etc can be treated as the address proof.

NPR Form in Punjabi

Punjabi variant of NPR form looks like shown in below image:

It will too have same 14 columns with 2 phases. You will have to fill in all those additional details here as well.

This will be the first part, after filling the form you will have to go through biometric verification process. For this you will have to visit PEC nearest to your area (in case you have missed the local NPR camp). Government will organize two camps in each and every local area to cover people under PR hood so please make sure to visit the registration camps in any case as otherwise you will have to visit the PEC which might be little far from your residence. So please don’t even think of missing the PR registration with local camps itself.

If you need any form filling help then do ping us in form of comments below.

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