NPR- National Population Register Scheme Introduction, Requirements and Certificates needed


NPR is a new scheme rolled out by Indian government on National level. NPR stands for National Population Register and comes in on the lines of popular Aadhar Card scheme. This scheme is being prepared under the provision of Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2003. It is being rolled out at Local (that includes village ad sub-towns), sub districts, districts, state and National levels. In short NPR is going to cover every possible aspect on National level. Here we will give you complete information about what NPR is, what will be its benefits and how to register for it.

What is NPR- National Population Register

Its name is self-explanatory but let me drill down it little further. NPR can be considered as the national level online register for Indian residents. It will be mandatory for every Indian individual to register for NPR scheme once it goes live.

Persons who need to register will be those who are residing in some local area from last 6 months at least and have the plan to live in the same area for next 6 months or more. Main motive of NPR scheme is to create an online database of Indian citizens that will include both demographic as well as biometric details of each individual.

What Demographic Particulars are required for NPR

You need not be worried much about demographic particulars as they are already being collected by most of the individuals. But in case you haven’t submitted your particulars then please not down below records/certificates that you need to submit for successful integration of demographic particulars with NPR:

Demographic records are collected by most of the individuals during either Aadhar card generation or during electoral voting process. Individuals were given particular questioners which were then scanned into digital systems. In case you have missed that process then you will have to visit your nearby NPR Center to get them registered with Government records.

Biometric Particulars needed for NPR

3 biometric records are required for registering into NPR scheme. These are:

• Clear photograph
• 10 fingerprints
• 2 Iris prints

Biometrics will be collected from individuals of age 5 or more only. Government will conduct 2 camps in every local area for collecting the biometrics. If you fail to provide your sample in both the camps then you will have to visit the respective NPR center for completing your verification. So please don’t miss on this part and make sure to complete your bio-metric process in the first camp itself.

Demographic and Biometric data will be clubbed together and will be represented by Aadhar Card (I hope you already have your Aadhar Card with you).

Biographic data along with photograph and UID number will then be printed separately on a card known as NPR card which can be then used for all standard processes like claims, objections etc. A list will be formed before issuing the NPR cards which will be carefully scrutinized by local bodies to validate the correctness.

Once the local bodies/personals approve the correctness of records, the entire database will be sent to online systems where it will be kept under highly secure central database with permanent storage option.

A Resident Identity Card will be then issued to all the Indian residents who are 18 or above during the registration process. Entire database will be kept in safe hands with the option of updates. I mean you will be able to update your details (address, name alteration etc) with NPR for lifetime.

Entire process is shown in below image:

What NPR card looks like?

NPR card is actually a smart card with 64 bit Kb microprocessor. Your bio-metric and demographic details will be stored onto this 64 Kb chip. It will allow offline authentication in remote/emergency areas.

NPR card looks like the one as shown in below image:

Please not that we have edited/replaced photograph and other details with white spaces. Format of NPR card will be same as above and your photograph and details will be listed in it.

Check out below video for basic idea about NPR Scheme.


  1. Link you given that is for checking uidai not for npr because npr ack copy has given TIN No of 27 digit.

  2. Link you given that is for checking uidai not for npr because npr ack copy has given TIN No of 27 digit.

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