Most Frequently Asked Questions- National Population Register (NPR) Scheme


What is NPR? Is it necessary to register with NPR? If yes, then how to get enrolled with NPR scheme? What all details will be needed? What is the significance of NPR card? What is the last date to get enrolled with NPR scheme? I have registered with Aadhar card, do I need to register with NPR scheme? You will get answers to all such questions here.

Let us start answering all the questions (above questions as well as some additional ones) one by one.

What is NPR- National Population Register Scheme?
As the name suggests, NPR is a national level population register that will have the data for all Indian citizens which will be organized and stored in a central repository. Objective of NPR is to get every Indian individual enrolled at one common storage which can be further used for making the decisions better and allowing needful to get better benefits in terms direct subsidy transfers to bank accounts, improve planning and preventing identity fraud in the country.

Read more about NPR Scheme here.

How to get enrolled with NPR?
Government bodies will conduct house-to-house visits to collect required details at family and individual level. You will need to give your basic details (like name, age etc), finger prints and ivory scans to NPR team. If you have enrolled with Aadhar Card then you shall have given most of the details already. That detail can be carried forward and can be used with NPR card very well.

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Is it necessary to register with NPR and what all details are required?
Yes! It is necessary for every Indian citizen to get enrolled with NPR scheme. I am not very sure about whether NPR card is necessary for NRIs also but as per the government target it should be necessary for NRI’s as well (however I am not 100% sure on it).

NPR is the first step towards NRIC (National Register of Indian Citizens) preparation. It is compulsory for every Indian individual to get enrolled with NPR scheme.

1st set of basic information (basic details) are already collected during various Census 2011 surveys (April 2010-September 2010). These details are already scanned and uploaded in an electronic database. Now officials need photographs, fingerprints and two iris prints to get added along with the basic detail that was collected during 2011 Census. Government will organize dedicated camps in each local area where your biometric details will be recorded in presence of some Government official.

Will NRIs (Non Resident Indians) be a part of NPR?
Just an update to detail I mentioned above. Do NRIs need to get enrolled with NPR scheme? As per the official statement, it is not necessary for NRIs to get themselves enrolled with NPR scheme as long as they are nonresidents. But they will be required to get enrolled with scheme as soon as they come back to India and take Indian citizenship here.

What all things are needed in NPR enrollment camps
As I mentioned above, NPR has started long back from the time of Census 2011. One acknowledgement slip has also been issued at that time (officials gave enrollment slip to every individual). You need to carry that acknowledgment slip to your nearby NPR camp. No other records/documents are required except that acknowledgment slip.

In case you have lost that acknowledgment slip the no need to worry. You can collect duplicate NPR acknowledgment slip at the camp also. Just explain official person about your lost ack slip. He/she will issue another slip then (will take time though).

When NPR camps will be organized in my area?
Proper announcements/publicity will be made before organizing NPR biometric camps in each rural area. Intimation slips will be distributed house to house before conducting such camps (100% intimation is not guaranteed however Government will try to cover max areas/houses/people).

How many NPR camps will be organized and what if one miss these camps?
Total of 2 camps will be organized in every rural area. If you have missed the enrollment in first camp by some reason then you can easily cover the same in 2nd camp. In case someone misses both the camps then he/she have the option to get enrolled at enrollment camps conducted at sub-district level until the specified date.

If one misses all these camps then his/her name will be struck from the NPR list.

How to change address in NPR card
You can change your address anytime by visiting these enrollment camps (permanent enrollment centers in case camps are already covered) and submitting the new address details there. Your address will be verified by officials and you will be issued new NPR smartcard with the new address.

Is there any fee for NPR Card Registration?
NO! It is all free.

How to edit/change details in NPR card?
In order to edit/modify any details in printed NPR card you will have to visit your nearby PEC (Permanent Enrollment Centre). Only officials can help you in this case. Talking about the online procedure to change/modify NPR card details then very sorry but I am not aware of any such scheme/way now. Will update you if anything comes to my notice.

What NPR Card will have and will it have any resemblance with Aadhar Card?
NPR smartcard will be issued to every individual having age more than 18. This smart card will be linked to Aadhar Card and it will bear the Aadhar Number as well. Sample NPR Card is shown below:

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I have enrolled with Aadhar Card, do I need to register with NPR again?
Yes. Even in case you have enrolled with Aadhar UIDAI scheme and already have Adhar card with you, you will still need to get enrolled with NPR scheme. You will be issued a separate NPR card after completing the entire registration process that will bear your existing Aadhar card number.

How to track NPR Card Status
You can check your NPR card status here.

So even in case you already have UIDAI number allocated to you, you will need to give required details to concerned authorities.

Do let us know if you have any other question related to NPR scheme/card.

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