NPR Card Download


Have you applied for NPR Card and are now waiting for NPR Card download? If yes then you will find good stuff here. Here we will figure out how to download NPR Card in various states like Kerala, Gujarat, Assam, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab etc (eventually all the states where NPR Card is applicable). But before that let we have a look at the importance and benefits of NPR card.

What is NPR Card and what are its benefits?

NPR stands for National Population Register and it is an online database of storing almost all the details of every Indian individual. If everything goes well then it will act like one complete stop for gathering all day to day activities of any person in India. NPR card is an electronic chip that can be read through electronic readers and if it is made necessary to use NPR card every time you make some deal (purchase something) then we will be able to track all the things in terms of financial aspect. It can help government bodies to analyze the things in a better and broad manner.

Download NPR Card online

Have you applied for NPR card online? If no then I will suggest you to do the same as soon as possible. Although NPR is a door to door campaign when it comes to integrate it with Aadhar card but still it is better to stay ahead of the competition. NPR card is mandatory in all the coastal areas and you need to get one before the assigned dates.

Coming to the download part then I don’t think you can download it online (at least I haven’t found it so far. If you know any way then please do share with all of us). You will get printed copy of NPR card through Indian postal services that will contain the electronic chip and other details.

You can anytime track your NPR card status that can help you stay updated with activities going on with your card process. You can also contact NPR Card customer support for all the details that you want to know about NPR process.

If I have registered with Aadhar card then do I need to register with NPR?

Yes, even if you have already registered with Aadhar card then still you have to register with NPR card. You will be issued NPR card that will have electronic chip and will store all your data in some central repository.

I will come up with more details in upcoming articles.

UPDATE: Regarding the NPR Card Download, then you can check the latest activities planned for download part on official website from here. Once you download the National Population Register Card online, please take a print out and use it wherever you want.


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    For the past 8 months, the NPR CARD SITE always say " THE SITE IS UNDER MAINTENANCE" I don't know when the maint will be over.

  3. I had applied for npr on 03/05/14 till i didn't receive card else no information on website

  4. i have applied for adharcard its enrolment no 2010/15708/01388 dt 10/01/2014 & NPR Recpt no 551915000710800410017180003 not getting adharcard yet. what shall i do .

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