Documents required for NPR (National Population Register) Registration


NPR stands for National Population Register and is the first step towards the process of NRIC (National Register of Indian Citizens). As the name self suggests, it is going to be a register of Indian citizens that will carry all required details about every Indian individual. All this is hosted on online database which can be accessed from anywhere (by the officials only so please don’t worry about your details being getting leaked anytime). NPR is an easy process and requires minimal set of documents to be carried. Here we will see more about documents required for NPR registration.

As of now NPR is being getting implemented in 17 states and 2 Union Territories (UTs). This is applicable for all the persons with age equal or more than 5 years.

Documents required for NPR process

As I said above, NPR requires a minimal set of documents to be produced while registration. Actually this scheme is moving alongside Census 2011. During 2011 Census, enumerators who visited your house have collected the data required for NPR in a simple paper format. This data is then digitized and is scanned on to the systems.

This data is stored into centralized online database in two languages. First is English and second is the state language. So if you have given your details during Census 2011 then you don’t need to worry about documents required now.

You need to submit your biometric details (passport size photo, 10 finger prints, two iris images) for NPR process. You will have to submit these details in NPR camps (2 camps will be organized in every local area throughout India) in presence of allocated Government servant.

You must be issued NPR Enrollment/Acknowledgment Number already. Only thing you need to do is to bring this acknowledgment slip to the NPR camp.

Almost all the detail is taken already however I will advise you to carry EPIC Number, Passport Number (if you have one), Ration Card Number etc along with you. You might require these details at any time during the NPR registration process. You will have to enter these details in the NPR Intimation Slips (KYR+ Form) that you will need to submit in the NPR camps.

Let me answer some obvious questions that many of you will have now.

I was not enrolled in Cenus 2011 so how can I register/enroll with NPR now?

No need to worry if you were not a part of Census 2011 (ideally you should be enrolled but leave it now). You can simply enroll yourself by visiting the NPR camp nearest to your house. Government will organize 2 camps in every identified local area. As you were not the part of Census survey so please carry all the ID proofs that you have with you.

I missed both the NPR camps, where can I register for NPR now?

In case you have missed both the NPR enrollment camps, you can still get yourself registered with scheme by visiting your nearby NPR permanent enrollment center. NPR enrollment camps will be organized at sub-district level also so you can get yourself registered there also.

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