NPR Form in Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam


NPR i.e. Nation Population Register is going to be an integral part of various National level schemes in India very soon. NPR form is available in different languages. Till now we have covered below regional language’s NPR forms:

Gujarati, Punjabi
Bengali, Assamese

Now let we move to southern Indian part and cover the form filling instructions for Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam languages.

NPR Form in Kannada

You can download Kannada language NPR form from here. This form will look like the one shown in below image:

Coming to the format part then it is exactly similar to NPR form in other languages. It too have 14 columns to fill with 2 phases (2 sheets/parts). Download it, fill it properly and attach the required documents alongside.

Once done, submit it to your nearby NPR office.

NPR Form in Konkani

NPR Konkani form can be downloaded from here. It will look like below:

Format wise it is similar to the one that we just discussed now (in Kannada language).

NPR Form in Malayalam

Kerala people must be searching about NPR form printed in Malayalam language. If you are looking for applying to NPR in Kerala then you will have to get the National Population Register registration form in Malayalam language.

You can download the same from here.

Format and other things are similar. Have a look at the demo form:

Read all the instructions carefully and fill in each detail. You will be asked various details in 14 columns that are split in two phases. You might need to submit some additional details as well.

Please be very careful with the details that you enter while NPR registration. They can be changed later but it is preferred not to go through that process when you have the option to enter correct details at the first time itself. If you are looking for some modifications in NPR card then do let me know. I will come up with that tutorial separately.

How and where to submit NPR form?

The forms that I have referenced above are available on official NPR website. Please download and get them printed in clear format (all column names should be visible clearly). Attach the required documents/proof alongside the NPR form.

Once done, visit your nearby NPR PEC (NPR office nearest to your home) and submit the form there. They will perform some manual checks for the instructions that you have submitted in the form. Once the officials are assured about your details, they will accept your form and will issue you a NPR Receipt Number.

You can use this NPR Number to check your NPR Card Status. Usually it takes around 1-2 months for card release. After a month or so you will receive NPR card either at the office or at your given address (please get it confirmed by NPR officials at the enrollment center itself).

Queries/doubts are welcomed.

UPDATE: Forms that you will find here are sample forms (registration number is similar in all the forms) so it is advised to get the correct NPR form from your nearby NPR office only.

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