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NPR India is one of the most crucial and important scheme of future time. If it goes well as planned then it has the power to do orders in future. Here we will try to cover every aspect of NPR India that you need to know for now. As I said this scheme has the power of changing the modern India completely so please read all the facts carefully and let us know the room for improvement.

What is NPR India?

NPR stands for National Population Register and is a scheme that will enroll every Indian individual’s data in a central data base repository. So if I have to sum up then I will say, NPR is an online database that carries various Indian individual’s details like their demographic details, finger prints, iris scans etc.

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What is NPR? Facts about it

NPR Number and how to use it?

Once you are successfully registered with NPR, you will be issued a unique identification number that you can use anywhere where you need to provide your identity proof. You can use it in place of your normal identity proof like Voter ID, Aadhar Card, License etc.

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One question might be popping up in your head now. I already have an Aadhar Card so what is the use of registering with NPR and issuing another identity number? Let me tell you basic difference, Aadhar Card is a simple plain card that allocates you a unique number which can be used for verification purpose. But NPR Card will be a smart card with a 64 kb chip microprocessor installed alongside that can be scanned with any electronic machine. This National Population Register Smart Card will make the integration process faster and if used properly then it will store all your details at one common place which Government can use to extract reports to plan better funds/schemes.

Difference between NPR Card and Aadhar Card

How to get enrolled with NPR India?

I hope many things are clear to you by now and you are looking for enrolling with NPR scheme in India. You can enroll yourself both online and offline. Check below:
NPR India: Online/Offline enrollment

Once you are enrolled successfully, you can anytime check your NPR Status from here.

Once you are done with everything, you will be issued unique NPR Smart Card that will have all your details stored inside the 64kb chip.

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  1. I have already applied for adhar card on 17th Feb 2016.But couldn't get it till the date. Pls help. My NPR RCPT no. 991911000070830006000116702