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NPR stands for National Population Register and is the online database of every Indian citizen. Haryana is one of the 17 states where NPR is currently active and people of Haryana need to have NPR card associated with their name sooner or later. It is good if you apply now as you might face issues regarding registration later (issues like non availability of camps, or huge queues against the enrolment centers). Here we will guide you about how to register with NPR in Haryana.

NPR Registration in Haryana

Government will organize two enrollment camps in each of the identified rural and urban areas in the state. Areas are divided in respective zones. Below are the areas/zones identified in Haryana where two enrollment camps will be conducted:

NPR Card Haryana

Rural NPR Camps in Haryana

Zone 18
Zone Code: Zone 18

Areas Covered:
• Ambala
• Kaithal
• Kurukshetra
• Panchkula
• Yamuna Nagar

Zone 19
Zone Code: Zone 19

Areas Covered:
• Bhiwani
• Fatehgarh/Fatehabad
• Hisar
• Jind
• Sirsa

Zone 20
Zone Code: Zone 20

Areas Covered:
• Jhajjar
• Karnal
• Panipat
• Rohtak
• Sonipat

Zone 21
Zone Code: Zone 21

Areas Covered:
• Faridabad
• Gurgaon
• Mahendragarh
• Mewat
• Palwal
• Rewari

Urban NPR Camps in Haryana

Zone Code: Panchkula

Areas Covered: All the urban areas in Haryana are covered under this zone.

How to get NPR Card in Haryana

In order to get yourself registered with NPR scheme in Haryana, you will have to submit NPR Application form filled in the prescribed form to the registration camps or your nearest permanent allocation centers (PEC). PEC are located usually at both district and sub district levels. Coming to the requirement part then most of the details were already copied during the time of 2011 census. However please check these documents before heading for the registration camp.

Once you enroll yourself with NPR in Haryana, you will get one acknowledgment slip that will hold all the details like possible card delivery date, uses etc. It takes around 1-2 months for card dispatch but you can anytime confirm the dates from the NPR card official to whom you are submitting the application form.

Basic difference between NPR Card and all other cards is its electronic nature that allows it to get integrated with various online/electronic facilities easily. It comes with a 64 KB chip (microprocessor) that holds your details present and enrolled with the NPR database.

This is all about National Population Register in Haryana. Do let us know if you want more details or need help with any part.

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