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National Register of Indian Citizens (commonly known as NRIC) as the name says is common register of Indian citizens that is maintained on cloud platform. So what NRIC actually is, it is an online register/storage location that holds details of Indian citizens online. NRIC is a long process that was started during Census 2011 camps, NPR process and several other steps. Once the NRIC process is completed, citizens will be given NRIC Number that will be unique and will be generated by well advanced NRIC Generators.

What is NRIC, its importance and How to Register

I hope you have already got the answer to first question. NRIC is simply an online database where every Indian citizen is supposed to register (it is supposed to have details of citizens in hierarchy level, state wise, district wise etc). Main motive behind creating schemes like NRIC is to extract reports based on hierarchy that can help government to decide and implement nation level schemes in a better way.

NRIC Registration Process

Indian Government is trying hard on making best use of digital world. Many existing schemes like Ration Card, PAN Card etc are now being getting digitized. One question might be coming in your mind like when essential cards like Ration Card, Aadhar Card etc are getting digitized then what is the need of other services like NPR, NRIC? Yes, we agree that essential services are now getting imported on digital platforms but digitizing such schemes is not the solution when it comes to extract reports and drive useful conclusions. For such things (data driven I must say), we would need custom details that are not covered in existing articles. Aadhar Card might be the solution (as it covers biometric + geographical details) but every Indian citizen is not registered under UIDAI scheme so we can’t make Aadhar basis of NRIC India.

National Population Register (NPR) is the purposed solution which covers all the detail that is required by National Register of Indian Citizens.

How to apply and get NRIC Number in India

NRIC can be considered as the subset of NPR which will be created on basis of hierarchy (first village then Taluk/Tehsil Level, the district, state and finally on Nation level). NRIC can be processed only after validating the detail that you have submitted in NPR process so please ensure to submit correct details during NPR registration.

Check: How to register with NPR

Once you are registered with National Population Register and you have a valid NPR Card/Number, you are all set to get enrolled with NRIC. After successful integration, you will be issued NRIC Card along with NRIC Number that will be unique and will represent your identity. As of now we are not sure on how exactly you can use NRIC Number but as it will have unique number so ideally you should be able to use it as identity proof/address proof. We will update you more on it when we have enough valid details.

NRIC Login

Once you have the account setup for NRIC, you can login and check details using this link:

NRIC Login

You will be asked user name, password which will be issued after successful integration of NPR with NRIC.

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